St. Vincent’s Place

In 1868 the area where St. Vincent’s Place is located today used to be known as Saint Vincent’s College (Loyola University) until 1887. This was Southern California’s very first college. When the college moved to a new campus, the old building became the US Army Headquarters. In 1907 the giant department store, Bullock’s moved in and turned St. Vincent’s into a destination.

Currently, St. Vincent’s is home to the largest jewelry collective in America and home to more than 500 independent jewelers.

However, it is no longer just a place for jewelers! St. Vincent now has fully renovated creative offices for rent. Amenities include a rooftop deck, 24/7 security, kitchen buildouts, gorgeous views, ample spaces, and more.

Take a peek at our tour below.

St. Vincent’s Place

639 S Broadway