Farmers Market

Every Sunday 9am-3pm
5th Street between Broadway and Spring Street.

Our market reflects the incredibly diverse community in the Historic Core.

We have a unique community in Downtown LA, now home to over 50,000 residents and rapidly growing. Here in the Historic Core, we have the highest concentration of residents, which represents seniors, students, those on a fixed income, professionals, artists, musicians, actors, entertainment industry types, and more. We want the market to expand and reflect our incredibly diverse community. We were the first to offer EBT in the area and are committed to making fresh, affordable food accessible in Downtown. We were also one of only 6 Farmers Markets in the county that continuously operated during the Covid-19 pandemic. We support our local retail with opportunities to pop up at the market. We are always looking for new ways to satisfy the neighborhood’s needs. This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

Interested in becoming a vendor? Scroll down for our vendor application.

You’ll also find…

Fresh juices and lemonade

Natural homemade skincare products

Fresh Flowers

Sweet pastries and empanadas

Mediterranean dips and spreads

Flowers and floral arrangements

Iced and hot coffees

Tacos and breakfast burritos

Pupusas, barbecue, curry, and much more!

We can’t do it alone

As a new market, we depends on the support of our community to thrive and survive. We appreciate your love and support as we bring on new growers and vendors who come as we build momentum in the market. We will do our very best to hear your feedback, respond, and push to make the market bigger and better! If just 500 people come and spend $20 per week, this is an excellent beginning.


Contact our farmers market manager Bob at [email protected], with any questions or just stop by and say hi! Interested in becoming a vendor? Fill out our Farmer Application or our Vendor Application. Submission instructions are in the application.