F & W Grand Silver Store Building

Located on Broadway between 5th and 6th Streets, the F & W Grand Silver Store Building was built shortly after the demolition of the Milton Hotel in 1931.


The Art Deco style of the building was designed by Albert R. Walker & Percy A. Eisen, one of the most influential architectural design firms in Los Angeles in the 1920s & 1930s.


The F & W Grand Silver Store, an early national “five and dime” store, was the 1 st tenant. Within the rows of the terra cotta columns are alternating spandrel panels, with classic Art Deco reliefs, and metal frame double casement windows with narrow glass transom above.


Little original or historically significant elements remain in the interior of the building. Original staircases remain and will be preserved although existing banisters and decorative elements were previously removed. A ghost sign on the existing brick walls was successfully preserved and on display.


Current owners, Kings Arch & The Shamoolian Family, have been working closely with The Office of Historic Resources to restore the property and turn it into creative offices.


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