COVID Restrictions to Lift On June 15th, Here’s What You Need to Know

LA County hosted a town hall in regards to the reopening of the County and lifting of  COVID19 restrictions.
Here are the rules moving forward:


-Starting June 15th fully vaccinated people (14 days past their final injection) are no longer required to wear masks in most situations.
Unvaccinated people must still wear a mask.
Masks will still be required for all persons in the following situations:
-Public Transit (including rideshares)
-Transit hubs such as airports, bus terminals, etc
-K-12 schools and child care facilities
-All health care facilities
-Correctional and detention centers
-Homeless and emergency shelters
-Businesses at a minimum must post the masking requirements.
-All businesses may reopen to full capacity.
-Any business may require proof of vaccination, proof of a negative test, temperature checks, or self-affirmation and may deny service to those that do not comply but are not required to.
-For most businesses employees are not required to wear masks so long as every person in the room is fully vaccinated.  Otherwise, masks are still required.
-For food services, even employees that are fully vaccinated must wear a mask.  Non-vaccinated employees must wear a mask and a face shield.
These guidelines will be reviewed on June 17th.  Any new changes decided upon will being June 28th.
Cal OSHA Rules:
-Cal OSHA voted to remove the mask requirement for all fully vaccinated employees.
-Governor Newsom signed an executive order to waive the 10-day waiting period.  The change will take place immediately. 
Non-vaccinated employees are still required to wear masks indoors and in vehicles.  Non-vaccinated employees may only remove masks indoors while eating or if they are alone.
-Employers must provide an N95 mask to all non-vaccinated employees.
-Employers must document vaccine status for employees to go without masks indoors.  This can be done through a vaccine card or self-attestation.  Records of vaccine cards do not need to be kept.
-Mega-events (more than 5000 people indoors or 10000 people outdoors) must require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within the last 72 hours.

No business may legally stop any employee from wearing a mask.